Packing, Pitching, and Donating: 14 Years to Sort Through

Moving, it's a necessity of life. The pure logistics of doing so is a nightmare in itself. All of the organizing, quick decision-making, and dealing with, "No, not that!" and other sundry reactions is enough to make one's head spin. There is even the let's do this while a certain family member is not present/looking, who isn't even a member of this household, mind you.

Fortunately, for me, most of my children are at a much more reasonable age. While there are some treasures, we were able to move out 8 bags of mostly toys. You read right, 8 bags just this morning.

So how does one accumulate so much? Think dollar stores. Think McDonald's happy meals stretched out over more than a decade with four children. Think well-meaning relatives who think that more is more and love to bury the children underneath them all every birthday and Christmas.

And then there's me. Buying books brand new, at discounts, at yard sales, online and at bookstores all adds up over the years. My office has a section of packed-up books even after giving away 3 1/2 cases worth. I anticipate taking out my favorites and leaving the rest boxed up. Soon, I will realize how much I don't miss them and give them to someone who will actually read them, benefit from them and share with others, rather than hoard them.

Well, today has been very productive and this break will soon be over. So, off to Facebook for a quick look, perhaps a spot of news and back to work. Maybe, I'll make time for a quick sandwich. I hope to accomplish all of that within a half-hour and then get back to work. Thanks for reading. God bless you and yours.

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