A Book Every Christian Should Read: Part History, Part Bible Study, Part Prophecy

Dr. Renald Showers reviews the history of God's covenant with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their descendants.  He dives into what God said, where He said it, how it was re-iterated and what it meant.  This study is critically important for each Christian to review from the biblical text.  Without it, we are left to our own devices and "wisdom" as to ascertain Israel's place in the world and in our theology.  Thankfully, Showers does a rather thorough treatment of this topic.

Also, Showers summarizes Church history and delivers a shocking expose' of how in the name of Christ, Jews have been repeatedly slaughtered, scattered, and forced to convert to Christianity.  Within the pages of this book, the author shows how, in his opinion, the doctrine of what has been called Supersessionism, or  Replacement Theology, has been acted upon to the detriment of Jewish lives, their peaceful existence and their future.  As he does so, Showers argues for the continued everlasting nature of the Abrahamic Covenant.  He warns that Replacement Theology turns people from Israel and endangers this nation of Jews who seek to live at peace in their ancient homeland promised to them by God Himself.  I have to warn the reader that your history courses have only glossed over the magnitude of what has happened to the Jews throughout history.  Having read this material myself, I have felt compelled to find a rabbi and express my sadness, shock and dismay at what my fellow "Christians" have done to his people in the name of Christ.

In conclusion, Showers ends on a positive note.  God will keep His word to Israel. Upon His return, Jesus will reign from Jerusalem over the entire world.  The enemies of the Jews have not and will not succeed in annihilating them.

Note:  Supersessionism is described by the author as follows: "According to this view, God will save individual Jewish people, but He has no present or future program for Israel as a nation. He has rejected Israel as His people and replaced Israel with the Church. The technical name for this view is Supersessionism. But it is more commonly known as Replacement Theology.  And it is wrong"

Showers, Renald (2012-12-12). The Coming Apocalypse (Kindle Locations 56-58). The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

I believe that this book will prove controversial.  Many of those who have been held up as fathers of the faith are revealed to be anti-Semitic actors in a deadly drama ripped out of the pages of prophecy.  In fact, it will cause people to choose whether they believe the history they have been taught or the one that Showers' promotes here as an alternative.

Read this book and you will either be outraged at Showers or outraged at what was your theology.  Either way, you will not be left unaffected.  We must choose this day a side to be on:  One that believes that everlasting means everlasting and that God keeps His word or one that believes that God has broken His word however we may seek to justify that incomprehensible thought.

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