A Young Man Gone with Friends and Family Grieving -- a Headline that Has Become All Too Common

I was checking out the Facebook page of the guy who lost his life on the motorcycle on Woodburne Road in Levittown, PA on January 6, 2013.

Video News: Fatal Motorcycle Crash, Middletown

According to one of his posts, in May of last year he had a spin out doing an excessive amount of speed (I consider 70 to be excessive) and remarked that he was almost hurt. His friends and family urged him to be careful, one even saying he should sell that bike.

Police stated that he owned a Yamaha R6

Another stated, "Dude, you're gonna get yourself killed!"

Well, he did die and I feel bad for him being so young (20 years old) and also for his friends and family who grieve over his loss. Young people, you are not bullet-proof; asphalt doesn't give way to flesh but the other way around. Please do be careful and if you think of it, pray for this young man's loved ones. They certainly do need it.

-- Since we don't know how long any of us has on this Earth, consider again the claims of Christ and whether to follow the One who died to save you and rose from the dead so that you may have eternal life with Him in Heaven. How to Know God Personally

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