Abortion Resources and Info. Leading up to the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

Check back from time-to-time as I will seek to expand on this 40th Anniversary Roe v. Wade posting

See a video of Norma McCorvey, the woman caught in the fight that made abortion legal in 1973.  She never had an abortion and she is now a pro-life advocate

Find a crisis-pregnancy center near you! 

Free book by R.C. Sproul: Abortion: A Rational Look at an Emotional Issue

This January 23rd marks 40 years since Roe v. Wade. Political involvement has gotten us nowhere has been my take on this awful anniversary. I urge people to operate at the grassroots, one woman/teen or young couple at a time. Political policy has failed us and now it is time to redouble our efforts to help those with crisis pregnancies make the right choice and help the crisis pregnancy centers that are the front-lines of this battle for the hearts and minds of potential parents and of the lives of their unborn offspring.

TIME takes another view:

Has The Fight For Abortion Rights Been Lost?

Abortions through Planned Parenthood in 2011 – 333,964 (3% of what they do, but they account for what % of abortions?)

URL: http://issuu.com/actionfund/docs/ppfa_ar_2012_121812_vf/12

In 2008, there were 1.2 million abortions nationwide, a number that has changed little in the three years since the last survey by the Guttmacher Institute (more recent numbers seem difficult to come by).
- so, if those numbers hold steady, then (help me math majors) Planned Parenthood performed 28% of them or nearly 1 out of every 3?

Tim Challies, Reformed blogger, posts a story of going to a service for the unborn. Many of those who made the decision for abortion and later regretted it have a service for their babies. Quite a compelling story

Memorial Service for the Unborn

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