Helen Roseveare: A Missionary Bio to Which God Led Me

Sunday night preparations led me to a book of illustrations.  I was looking for a story or a quote to illustrate what we were going to talk about regarding God's sovereignty.   While looking, I found a wonderful tale about a missionary I have never heard of before, Helen Roseveare.  The quote was great but what happened next was one of those God moments.

The next day, one of the blogs I follow regularly had a list of Kindle deals.  These are typically free and low-price e-books that he recommends from the likes of R.C. Sproul or some other Reformed brethren but not limited to them.  To my surprise, in his list was the missionary biography of Helen Roseveare! 

I was so moved by Helen's story that I was instantly interested.  So, I took a look at the link and decided to purchase it.  In addition, I sought to look her up on the internet and would you believe there was a youtube interview with her as an aged woman giving advice to those who are younger believers.  I was captivated.  You can see what I saw here:

Since I was off on Monday, I took to reading the biography.  On His Majesty's Service was half-way done on my smartphone by the end of the day.  By Tuesday evening, I had finished the slightly over 100 page book.  I laughed, I teared up, I was convicted, challenged and inspired. 

Without giving too many details away, here is a teaser review that I hope will get you reading this fascinating book:

Helen was raised in the U.K., the daughter of a very smart man who traveled a lot with his job.  She had an older brother and younger sisters.  Helen's mother and father had many lessons to teach her along the way and the book goes into a bit of that. As a young child, she decided that she wanted to become a missionary.  Her conversion story spanned her years as a young child all the way through her teen years.

The backdrop of her youth was from the lead-up to World War II to its conclusion.  The family moved quite a bit and, like most youth, Helen sought desperately to fit in.  Yet God had called her to His service and this book is the story of that calling.

Eventually, events led Helen to serve the Lord in the Congo.  A rebellion there led to a very painful experience for Helen.  The writer chose not to dwell on the evil that surrounded and even took in as one of its many victims this single missionary woman.  Yet her spirit was resilient and her story included the sinful attitudes and actions of her life.  This was a woman of great humility, of a work ethic that would put most of us to shame and an energy that defied the laws of human endurance and age.  Even after most missionaries and common workers would retire, Helen relentlessly and passionately served wherever God wanted her. 

This God moment reminded me of the wealth found in missionary biographies.  I read many in my life-time but it has been a while since I read, or re-read, any of them.  Though I still remember the joy and inspiration they brought, it wasn't until I read this one that I was reminded how much joy and inspiration they bring.  Read this very valuable, short and moving story.  The price is great on the Kindle and it's not for a limited time. 

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