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Order Thriving Family, a Christian marriage and parenting magazine from Focus on the Family, is free to anyone who requests it!
Sample issue
In every issue, you'll get:
• age-specific parenting advice
• faith-based family activities
• marriage tips
• book reviews
• support for single parents and
blended families and much more!

AWANA Gospel Message App  
The Gospel Message app, created by Awana®, is a fun and creative way to share the gospel with children, teens and adults.

Now the gospel demonstration is only as far away as the nearest digital device! This free, versatile app includes three different versions geared specifically to each age group- kids, teens, and adults.

The app uses what some may recognize as The Gospel Wheel- a very clear, interactive tool to share the gospel with someone. It allows you to have a conversation and meet the child, teen, or adult where they are at. This way, it is more of a conversation instead of a set presentation.

The verses used in the app are available in NIV, KJV, and Spanish.*
You will find a helpful "How To" section that walks you through how to use the app, and also will provide you with helpful pages that show you how to use the Gospel Wheel.

Some insight on Syria:
Turning Syria inside out 

by Mindy Belz for World Magazine
"With foreign fighters invading the rebellion, millions of Syrians fleeing civil war, and a brutal president determined to hang on, good guys and workable solutions are disappearing in a country no longer itself"

With Biblica doing away with the old NIV (aka NIV 84), Christian wholesalers like Christian Book Distributors have some great deals on what they have left, particularly study Bibles.  
 Check it out for yourself  Some of the best are less than half price.

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