Miscellaneous Web Sightings for May 23 2013

Free e-book offer:  Reading Your Male by Mary Farrar
"There is a growing crisis among our men and boys in the area of sexual temptation and sin: pornography use is skyrocketing and increasing numbers of men find themselves entangled in a web they can't seem to escape. Yet many men feel greatly misunderstood by their women, while just as many women feel mystified and powerless to help their men."
—Mary Farrar, Reading Your Male

Reading Your Male de-mystifies inner male sexuality, exposes the enemy's tactics in taking down our men, and equips women to use their innate gifts in becoming a man's greatest ally in the fight for victory. Using biblical insight and up-to-date research, Farrar also tackles some of the most elusive questions women are asking today

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A Father's Influence in His Daughter's Life, pt. 1  by Kevin Lehman and Kim Trobee

A Father’s Influence in His Daughter’s Life (Part 2 of 2)

 Police stand in for fallen officer at his daughter's kindergarten graduation
Get your tissues ready:  a story about a little girl who lost her father just days before her kindergarten graduation.

James Holmes/Phoenix Police Department
Stephanie Raetz and her 5-year-old daughter, Tatum, walk along a line of Phoenix police officers 
attending the girl's kindergarten graduation. Tatum's father was killed in the line of duty three days earlier. 
As found at:  http://www.today.com/news/police-stand-fallen-officer-his-daughters-kindergarten-graduation-6C10044516

CCM Forever
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Special thanks to Steve Green's Facebook page for giving us the heads up.

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