A Case of Gender Confusion that Began with Mom and Dad

Perhaps you have heard the story of 6 year-old Coy Mathis.  According to his parents, Coy, biologically a boy, manifested female tendencies since he was 18 months of age.   The family decided to recognize that he is a girl when he was four years old. 

Upon his enrollment into kindergarten, Coy’s parents, Kathryn and Jeremy Mathis, “asked” the school district to treat Coy as they would any other girl.  Reportedly, school officials agreed.  However, in December 2012, the school district informed the Mathises that now first-grader Coy would not be allowed to use the female restrooms but instead was given the option of using a staff or gender-neutral restroom in the school’s nurse’s office.  Earlier I put asked in quotes because Kathryn and Jeremy responded with a complaint to the state of Colorado’s civil rights division.

The Colorado Civil Rights Division ruled that Coy Mathis has the legal right to use the girl’s restrooms at his Fountain, Colorado elementary school.  In reaching this verdict, the Colorado Civil Rights Division concluded that when Coy was barred from using the girls’ restrooms, the Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 created a climate in which Coy would be subject to harassment. 

My opinion:

I have an adult son and I have been around plenty of small boys in my years of life.  One thing that I can tell you is that boys tend to get into everything.  And women, i.e. mothers and older sisters, have the most tempting things to get into like makeup, change purses and pocketbooks; you name it.  Also, young boys will play with dolls or anything else that is handy to play with.  They do not think, “Hey, I’m a boy, so therefore I only play with x, y or z.”  They also tend to be emotional, affectionate, etc.  The very idea that Coy manifested female tendencies at the age of four, let alone at the age of 18 months, is subjective at best, ludicrous at worst. 

Also, biologically, Coy is a boy.  He was born with male parts.  If they were to do tests on him, I’m sure  that they would conclude, inside and out, Coy is biologically a boy. 

What is amazing here is the politically correct nature of so-called psychiatrists, educators, administrators and even those in the fields of medicine and science.  The very same people who will argue that you should be an evolutionist because of the scientific data (I would dispute that notion but bear with me), will say, contrary to medical science, that Coy is to be treated as a girl.

If I were to go to a psychiatrist and say that I am a turtle thus I want you to treat me as a turtle, he or she will more than likely, sooner or later, seek to get me to recognize that I am not a turtle.  No matter what I may think, the evidence is overwhelming that I am not a turtle but a human.  If Coy were to be taken to doctors without any interference from adults and just based on the evidence be evaluated as to whether he were a boy or a girl, the answer will always be that he is a boy.  The only way to conclude otherwise is to deny what is quite evident.

As to the ruling that the school district subjected Coy to an environment that is “hostile, intimidating or offensive,” I couldn’t disagree more.  His parents subjected him to such an environment when they insisted that he is a girl not a boy.  Children go through enough harassment from each other in the sinful world of human interaction but when a child is singled out to be treated as a girl though biologically he is a boy, that child is given a great, big bulls eye that is quite damaging.  That doesn’t make the mistreatment right but the children are only partly to blame.  The adults, Coy’s parents, are the main culprits of this cruelty inflicted upon young, impressionable Coy.  

In addition, Coy will go through the rest of his life as someone who doesn’t belong.  Though he is biologically male; he identifies, dresses and acts as a female, so he will not completely belong among the boys.   Even as he dresses, acts and identifies himself as a female; he is biologically male, so the girls will not accept him as one of them either.  One can imagine that his vilification will escalate to the point of his gender being revealed in the most humiliating of ways.  Again, this is assault, it must not be tolerated and it most definitely must be prosecuted, but the finger of blame begins at home with Kathryn and Jeremy Mathis. 

To Coy, I would say that life brings confusion.  And sometimes, unfortunately, that confusion is introduced to us by our parents.  You are a boy; embrace it. Love it.  In the world we live, you can be any kind of boy you want.  You can be the type-A jock or the contemplative poet.  You can conquer your world or paint it in exquisite colors.   You can get yourself a job that covers you in grease from head to toe or another in which you can dress up real fine.   Don’t deny what you are but enjoy it.  Be a boy, the boy God created you to be, whatever that would look like. 

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