Adam Brown: Fighter, Family Man, Country Boy and Hero

Fearless by Eric Blehm recounts the story of Adam Brown who came out of the womb a fighter. He was an individual that ran headlong into anything and everything. With a can-do spirit, Adam climbed his way up to the elite of America’s warriors.

Respectful, compassionate, funny, Brown was a very likable person. Two women had a profound impact on him. One brought him to incredible lows that changed him dramatically. Another was God’s gift to him, giving him stability, courage, a reason to live and return home.

Coming from Arkansas, Adam was thoroughly country. If you didn’t already know he became a Navy SEAL, his escapades would make you laugh, cringe and worry whether this boy would ever make it to adulthood. Yet make it he did and then some. Despite setbacks, Adam succeeded well beyond any preconceived ideas of his abilities.

His fighting spirit caused him to achieve things he should never have been able to acquire. Not only did he help himself but whatever team he was on, whether civilian or military, others benefited from his presence, his ability to push on through pain and his can-do attitude.

Even while serving in the war zone, Adam made a name for himself. It wasn’t just a war of us versus them. His heart for children was demonstrated, whether those children were his own, American or foreign born, it didn’t matter to him.

Reading the back cover, you will discover that Adam would die fighting for his country. One of the most moving scenes in the book is the one where military personnel, including some friends of Adam, ring the doorbell of his home to tell his wife that Adam was gone. It was only eclipsed by the account of his children finding out that their daddy went to be with Jesus and therefore wouldn’t be coming home to them again.

It is difficult not to get emotional about this book. You will laugh, be concerned, tear up or even cry from what you find between its covers. If there is only one book you read from the War on Terror, choose this one. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

This book was provided to me by Waterbrook Multnomah for review purposes.

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