Free Resources for the Sanctity of Life Sunday -- This Sunday, January 19, 2014

Pro-life films (available on Netflix)
Sarah's Choice

October Baby

String of Pearls 
a website by a couple that gave birth to a baby that they were told to abort even though they knew she would be with them very briefly.  It has resources for those who travel a like path as they did.

baby at 7 weeks from

Lacey and Christian

Sanctity of Human Life Guide from Focus on the Family

"With this verbal sleight of hand, the man who starved children but called it 'putting them on a low-calorie diet' now killed Jews and called it 'cleansing the polluted land.' Just as with the abortionist who calls a pre-born infant a 'product of conception,' so language is craftily manipulated by those who wish to desensitize the conscience and promote humanistic values. If evil is called good, then it becomes good -- just ask Adolf Hitler."
 -- Erwin W. Lutzer, "Hitler's Cross," Moody Publishers, p. 81 

Lullaby to the Unborn - free sheet music

World Magazine
ROE V. WADE | Rowing hard amid an ocean of abstractions

- to support, refer, etc.
or go to for one of my favorite centers

a Lesson for the Sanctity of Life

Personal Study Guide of The Sacredness of Human Life

baby at 8 weeks from

The sanctity of life isn't just about the unborn but about the inherent value of others.  Check out this heart-warming story and the value of a 3 year old autistic child as seen by the eyes and deeds of a complete stranger on a plane

Dear 'Daddy' in Seat 16C
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