From Double-Cross to Single Cross, the Rise of Hitler and the Almost Complete Collapse of the German Church: A Review of Hitler’s Cross

Erwin Lutzer’s Hilter’s Cross is an eye-opening book into the rise of Nazi Germany. A foundation was laid that prepared the way for Adolf Hitler; politically, spiritually, and philosophically, argues Lutzer. Spiritual forces that were at work are exposed by the author in ways that may have been unknown to many readers. Shocking compromise by the Church, callous indifference and heartless cruelty by German troops as well as a cultic worship around Hitler by the citizenry at large are all presented. Germany felt destined for greatness and longed to break the chains imposed upon it by the victors of World War I. Into this vacuum rose Adolf Hitler.

A noted historian of Hitler stared the truth in the face as to how Hitler became so mesmerizing, so powerful and yet he couldn’t bring himself to acknowledge that truth. Lutzer wrote of skeptics going to see Hitler speak, returning as passionately pro-Hitler. How could this happen to a nation that is more like America than many others around the world? Is our nation similarly at threat of such a dictator?

Lutzer seeks to answer that question. He reminds American believers of their duty to the cross and to be light where they are for the Lord, no matter the cost or the opposition. Also, he gives some evidence that the United States could be on a similar road as Germany was prior to World War II. Whether the reader agrees with him, it is a point worth consideration.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book. For those who love history, specifically World War II history, this volume is for you. Others who are concerned about their country and the path it is on, this book has something important to share with you. 

I have received this book at no cost to me for review purposes by Moody Publishers

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