In Christ, the Blade Could be Put Away

Imagine the scene, once again the lamb is brought. Such a cute little animal, bleating, wiggling to be set free. He seems born to run and frolic and play. Yet not today, not ever again.

The blade is placed across his tiny throat and with one swift motion, the lamb is lifeless and his blood pours out.

Every year, this must happen. Over and over again, blood must be shed.

How the priest, let alone the people, must have longed for the day when one final sacrifice, one last grisly offering would do the job once for all.

It was likely the intent of God to build this longing into the hearts and minds of His people. For it was His intention all along to do just that.

In Christ, there is one last grisly sacrifice. A man would be offered. One that people could look at and say, "Why? What has He done deserving of death?" Yet, when He cried out that final time on the cross, it was over. The blade could be put away. No more killing would be necessary. As He said, so it is, "It is finished!" Man's redemption is complete.

(inspired by my study of Hebrews 10:1-18, in preparation for Sunday morning)

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