President Obama Brings up American Pastor Imprisoned in Iran to Rouhani and More Web-sightings

The "Hell" of A Syrian Hospital -- a story of how rebel-held area hospitals lack medicine, experienced caregivers, safe water -- and the list goes on with horrendous results.  It's not that outsiders don't care.  The Syrian government won't let the Red Cross and others into rebel-held areas.
Please understand I hate the trivialization of Hell by utilizing the term to speak of terrors, traumas and troubles in this life, thus the quotes around the word in the link to the article.

Seven Reasons Pastors Burn Out
September 28, 2013
by Thom Rainer

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Finally! An action by the American president on behalf of a christian. Perhaps our pressure (you and me are a small part of a much greater whole) has been working! Keep up the good work!

For those who don't know Saeed Abedini went back to Iran to do some humanitarian work in Jesus' name. The Iranian government arrested him and imprisoned him in the notorious Evin prison. He has been beaten and urged to renounce his faith. Instead, his wife reports that he has led up to 30 (I believe) to Jesus Christ. Saeed's injuries included internal bleeding. Christian organizations and individuals have been calling for his release and his wife has been a witness for the Gospel, even to the U.N. General Assembly. Pastor Abedini apparently had an experience with his Lord while in solitary that probably raised eyebrows as he left solitary in good spirits to the apparent dismay of those who put him there to break him.
Pastor Saeed and his two children (photo source:

Saeed's wife's response: 
This is the first time that Obama has spoken out about the imprisonment of Saeed. Pastor's wife (sic), Naghmeh, said it was "the most encouraging news I have heard since Saeed was imprisoned one year ago."

"I am very grateful to President Obama for standing up for Saeed and for the other Americans who are held captive in Iran," Naghmeh added. "This development is truly an answer to prayer. I urge President Rouhani, as I have done throughout this week, to release Saeed so he can return to our home and our family in the United States. In recent days, Iran has released 80 prisoners being held because of their beliefs. I pray that we can add Saeed to that list very soon."

Mark Driscoll: Christians Facing Darker Days; 'The Church Is Dying'

I disagree with this quote. The Church that Christ is building cannot die but will prevail against the very gates of Hell (see Matthew 16:18).  But I do agree with the thoughts that include the following quotes: 

"We're wasting time criticizing rather than evangelizing." (note that I left out the first part of that quote)

"You didn't think you were here to kill time listening to Christian music until Jesus returned, did you?"

"Some will tell you that between 40% and 70% of Americans are believers. The latest statistics reveal that those actually practicing evangelical Christian faith is only around 7% to 8%. The need for young Bible-believing, Jesus-following leaders is desperate and dire."

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