‘In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.’

Imagine for a moment, in Nigeria, an Islamic imam and his son are killed by Christians and their mosque set on fire. How do you think Western media would respond?  You no longer have to imagine, change the imam to a pastor and the mosque to a church and you have a real story that is being ignored by the press. 

The silence of our friends – the extinction of Christianity in the Middle East
23 September 2013 9:31 by Ed West

The article states, "The last month and a half has seen perhaps the worst anti-Christian violence in Egypt in seven centuries, with dozens of churches torched. Yet the western media has mainly focussed on army assaults on the Muslim Brotherhood, and no major political figure has said anything about the sectarian attacks."

What it was like at the Westgate mall, from two of those who survived
by Aidan Hartley 28 September 2013

The gunmen approached them and — standing feet away from the Belchers — one announced in Somali-accented but good English: ‘Bismillah al rahman al rahim. We have come to kill you Christians and Kenyans because you have been killing our women and children in Somalia. Any Muslims can go.’

‘I’m a Muslim!’ shouted one man with children. They were allowed to leave. Then the gunmen opened fire, using single shots and short bursts, taking their time, executing people one by one.

My thought: while there is a concern about blow-back whenever an outside power seeks to alter the balance of power vs. Islamic jihadists in other lands, it must be remembered that it is in the nature of Islamist extremists to expand and export their terror with no regard to borders. Kenya's "interference" in Somalia didn't cause terror attacks from al-Shabab but instead brought the fight to the terrorists, giving Kenyans hope of a brighter future. Let's pray that Kenyan troops are successful and that the public will continue to support the effort to defeat al-Shabab in Somalia.  A more stable neighbor is key to Kenya's peace.  In the meanwhile, courage is needed.

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