The Character and Conduct of the Separatists on Vivid Display

In some quarters of the world, even in our world, there are voices that wish to present a counter-argument to the prevailing one about the separatists. However, a casual yet consistent eye on the news demonstrates that these are not peace-loving separatists longing for independence or at least a different direction than Kiev is offering.

Some of the evidence includes:

1) Masked men outside of a Jewish synagogue pass out leaflets demanding that the Jews register

2) a mayor who is Jewish and for a united Ukraine is shot and left
picture from article  
in critical condition

                                 picture's source

5) a pro-united Ukraine councilman is found dead, the likely victim of torture and drowning

One would hope that the vicious and unprovoked attack on the big crowd of pro-unity demonstrators would do more to rally the people of eastern Ukraine against the separatists rather than for them.  It may very well wake up those in the West who wish to have blinders on.

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