A Total Eclipse of Reason: Mark Hitchcock's Blood Moons Rising Persuasively Debunks the Blood Moons Prophecy Fad

Just several days ago, on the evening of April 14 and into the early hours of April 15, there was a total lunar eclipse. This is where the moon is completely swallowed up in the Earth’s shadow. The result of this phenomenon makes the moon to appear blood red in color. The second one in 2014 is to occur October 8. In 2015, there will be two more lunar eclipses, one on April 4, 2015 and the other on Sept. 28, 2015. However, Mark Hitchcock asks, are these signs that God is about to do something big in 2015?

In his book, Blood Moons Rising, Mark Hitchcock seeks to answer the question as to whether there is any prophetic significance to what is called the Tetrad of Blood Moons. A Tetrad as defined by John Hagee, a major blood moons’ advocate, is when “four total lunar eclipses (Blood Moons) . . . consecutively occur during specific intervals of time. Lunar eclipses are common but total lunar eclipses are less common,” explains, Hagee. “Furthermore, a Tetrad linked to Jewish history has happened three times in the past five-hundred-plus years – it’s very rare.” Hagee goes on to impress upon his readers and viewers that these Tetrads are signs of something that will occur that is very important in regard to Israel and/or the Jews. 

Without giving a lot of details, I must say that Mark Hitchcock does a fine job of debunking that theory. He argues historically, looking at the past Tetrads; biblically, looking at the context of the prophetic passages used as proof-texts by the Blood Moon advocates; and even logically, reviewing the very definition of signs and when and how they appear. As an alternative, the author takes the reader to signs from the Bible and offers help and hope in an uncertain world instead of the fear and dread such speculation as the Blood Moons theory brings. 

Beside the critique that Mark Hitchcock gives to the Blood Moons theory, one will find lots to love in his book. For pastors and teachers there are some great quotes and illustrations to use in your teaching and preaching. The volume includes charts and outlines on the Fall and Spring Feasts of Israel, Hitchcock’s understanding of the chronology of the end times, a listing of the major events of unfulfilled prophecies, and a timeline of events regarding Israel since 1948 to name just a few.

I give this book my highest rating. It is informative, encouraging, biblical and timely. Read Blood Moons Rising and pass this information along to others. They will be grateful that you did. 

Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.

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Great video explanation of the science behind lunar eclipses in general and blood moons in particular

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