Forces Met With Forces and Withdrawal with Withdrawal: How the West Can Aid Ukraine and Help NATO Allies Without Firing a Shot

NATO plans more support for eastern Europe
RTE News: NATO will discuss new steps to reinforce eastern European countries worried by Russia's annexation of Crimea and on how to bolster Ukraine's armed forces.

This may be the answer to Ukrainian Christians' prayers.  Think about this. NATO votes and approves a message to Russia:  either withdraw the troops from Ukraine's borders or we will install permanent NATO bases in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania (on your borders).  If Russia doesn't budge, move the troops and material there.  If they respond by putting troops on the borders there, remain strong and put some more in Hungary, Romania, etc.  Re-issue the demand:  you withdraw from Ukraine's borders and we will withdraw the new forces from the border countries.  I think it is a winning formula for everyone and we can be the next ones to bring victory without firing a shot (at least at an enemy, drills are another matter).  

My Ukrainian brothers and sisters, if Russian troops withdraw and your country is spared, what a testimony you will be to us, your brethren in the West.  You have responded to impossible odds, the temptation to fear and the weakness of the West's response with prayer.  You have pleaded with God to be your deliverer.  If He chooses to respond with Russian withdraw and an end to these tensions, God will be glorified and, hopefully, your example will be replicated in our lands. Keep praying, brothers!  Our prayers, hopes and well wishes are with you!  

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