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When Scripture Is the Controversy
post by Jonathan Parnell

If we learned anything from last week, maybe it’s that the real controversy among evangelicals in the coming days will be about the Bible, not homosexuality.

Beneath the surface of the recent scuffle is the more vital issue of how disciples of Jesus posture themselves toward God’s word.

Jennifer Thorn writes, "Almost from the beginning of our marriage I prayed that my husband would become interested in being healthy. I wanted him around a long time. Well, I prayed for almost 9 years before he decided to try running. He fell in love with it, lost a lot of weight, strengthened his heart and was all around a much healthier and happier man. Prayer works!"

As the article explains, "For many believers the cost of faith is incredibly high, and so it is with Mansoor (alias). When his father discovered Mansoor's new faith, he called a meeting with other family members to consider how to respond. Zealous for their family's important position in society, they believe that Mansoor's conversion has brought an enormous shame upon them that can only be removed by the shedding of blood, Mansoor's blood."

President Vladimir Putin, condemned by NATO for annexing Crimea, is now defying the U.S. in Syria by sending more and deadlier arms to help Bashar al-Assad score a string of advances against insurgents, military experts say.
a great illustration for children in dealing with understanding death and the afterlife

Millennials and the false 'gospel of nice'

Daniel Darling writes, "If only orthodox evangelical leaders would give up their antiquated beliefs, get more in step with the real Jesus, the church and the world would be better off.

Embedded in this narrative are two presuppositions:

• Young evangelicals are fleeing the church at a rapid pace.
• The real message of Jesus looks nothing like orthodox Christianity.

There’s only one thing wrong with these two ideas: They aren’t true."

Study: Circumcision comparable to vaccination

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