Happy Mother's Day! Here is Some Encouragement and Praise for All You Do and Are

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CAROL FLOCH has ministered to women in every stage of life for more than 25 years. She has written Bible studies and numerous articles for Focus on the Family’s Single Parent magazine, has led retreats, workshops and support groups, and has mentored women to find deeper hope and security in Jesus. Her most significant and satisfying investment in women has been in her own home, nurturing her three daughters on her own since 2001. Carol is a counselor in private practice in Dallas, Texas, where she helped to design and launch “Parenting Alone,” a community ministry for single parents.

May 8, 2014 by Kristen

"And there isn’t anyone else in the world who needs to hear this more: Mom, your small daily acts of service, your mundane–it matters so much more than you think it does."

(a little dated but love the description)

A mother is a curious mixture of patience, kindness, understanding, discipline, industriousness, purity and love.  

A mother can be at one and the same time, both "lovelorn counselor" to a heartsick daughter and "head football coach" to an athletic son.  

A mother can sew the tiniest stitch in the material for that dainty prom dress and she is equally experienced in threading through the heaviest traffic with a station wagon. 

A mother is the only creature on earth who can cry when she's happy, laugh when she's heartbroken and work when she's feeling ill. 

A mother is as  gentle as a lamb and as strong as a giant.  Only a mother can appear so weak and helpless and yet be the same one who puts the fruit jar cover on so tightly even Dad can't get it off. 

A mother is a picture of helplessness when Dad is near, and a marvel of resourcefulness when she's all alone.  

A mother has the angelic voice of a member in the celestial choir as she sings Brahms lullaby to a babe held tight in her arms; yet this same voice can dwarf the sound of an amplifier when she calls her boys in for supper.  

A mother has the fascinating ability to be almost everywhere at once and she alone can somehow squeeze an enormous amount of living into an average day.  

A mother is "old fashioned" to her teenager; just "Mom" to her third grader; and simply "Mama" to little two year-old sister. 

But there is no greater thrill in life, than to point to that wonderful woman and be able to say to all the world, "That's my mother!"  

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