Moms' Night Out Will Leave You in Stitches

Note: The trailer for the movie is good in that it doesn't give too much away while revealing the essential plot line. By watching the trailer you might think the movie is border-line funny. If so, you would be wrong, because this movie is a riot. 

Allyson is a mom that is on the verge of a nervous break-down. She feels so inadequate compared to other moms. While, to her, they have it all together, she feels she is totally unable to manage her three young children.

Her husband encourages her to do something for herself. In response, Allyson decides on a night out with two fellow moms. Well, things don't turn out anything like they had expected.

In the end, Allyson learns a very valuable lesson about her importance in general and specifically to her children. She is then able to encourage someone else because she herself has been encouraged. Armed with this new sense of self, Allyson is able to embrace her imperfections and be the best woman, wife and mom that she can be.

Since Mom's Night Out released in theaters on May 9, you still have the opportunity to see this film. Wouldn't it be great if we could make this clean, hilarious movie a hit at the box office? Make some time, take mom out on date or go see it yourself. You will be glad you did.

Find Moms' Night Out in a theater near you

A special honorable mention to my daughter Elisabeth who sent her mom out on a date with her hubby to see this great film.  Way to go, Elisabeth!  That's the way to show mom what she means to you and her impact upon your life.  With all my love, dad.  

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