The Call to be a Ragamuffin: A Review of the Movie on Rich Mullins' Life

I thought this film was absolutely great.  The acting was good and the story was real.  Shocked and saddened at the ghosts of Rich's childhood, if I may use that terminology, I was drawn into the healthy and unhealthy ways he struggled with his raising.  

Like the Bible does with its heroes, Ragamuffin doesn't sugarcoat Rich's life.  He struggled with smoking and with alcohol.  His language wasn't always church language, to put it mildly. 

One sees someone seeking to be real.  Tired of the masks Christians often put on and the blindness to the call of Christ to provide for the least of these, Rich gives generously to Christian churches and charities while living humbly.  Seeing the poverty of others and the difference he could make in the lives of those with less, Rich Mullins pours himself wholly into ministry.  

Just a few other thoughts in closing.  His tragic death is handled well.  In the special features section, Dave, Rich's brother, does a great job explaining why the movie included what it did. Also, as the credits roll, you will be treated to some clips of Rich Mullins' comments at concerts. I pray that as you watch this movie you will be inspired to live an authentic Christ-like life.  

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Just in the past few weeks, I found the movie easy to find in both local Walmarts

by James Bryan Smith

$1.99 for 272 pages

During his life, Rich Mullins challenged the sensibilities of what it means to follow Jesus in today's world, and now in his death, he challenges all to build upon his legacy of joy, compassion, brokenness, unblinking honesty, and wonder of an Awesome God.
Author James Bryan Smith describes this book as a "devotional biography," giving readers an insight into Rich's life, but more importantly, allowing the readers to learn what was most important to Rich - urging people to draw near to God.

Now available in paperback, this new edition features new packaging and two never before published spiritual writings of Rich Mullins, including a poem written two days before his untimely death.

Author bio:  James Bryan Smith teaches theology and is chaplain at Friend's University in Wichita, Kansas. His previous books include Embracing the Love of God, A Spiritual Formation Workbook, and Devotional Classics (coauthored with Richard Foster). Jim's deep friendship developed with Rich Mullins over the last seven years of Mullins' life. In fact, while Mullins attended Friend's University, he lived in an attic apartment in the Smiths' home for two years.

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