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Composing Amelia: A Novel [Kindle Edition]

Published September 1, 2011, 352 pages

Can a brand-new marriage withstand the weight of generations-old baggage?

Newlyweds Amelia and Marcus Sheffield are recent college grads, trying to stay afloat in LA while searching for their dream jobs. Marcus hopes to become a mega-church pastor. Amelia has an esteemed music degree, and longs to play piano professionally. The Sheffields are clearly city people.

But when a small town church offers Marcus a job, the couple’s dedication to their dreams and each other is tested. After a risky compromise is made, Amelia falls into a dark emotional place, where she finds skeletons she’d fought hard to deny. In desperation, she calls out to God. But why can’t she find Him? While Amelia struggles, Marcus learns news that nearly crushes him. He must lean on his faith to withstand the pressure… or risk losing his wife forever.

From the daughter of Lee Strobel

Letters to a Young Pastor [Kindle Edition]
by Calvin Miller
$1.99 on the Kindle, 256 pages

Preaching to a Postmodern World: A Guide to Reaching Twenty-first Century Listeners [Kindle Edition]
Graham M. Johnston (Author), Haddon Robinson (Foreword)
Digital List Price: $18.00 What's this?
Print List Price: $18.00
Kindle Price: $1.99
You Save: $16.01 (89%)

The NIV Teen Study Bible 
$4.27 on the Kindle 
save over $20

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