Let’s Hasten the Day! A Review of I Still Believe by Jeremy Camp

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My book review of I Still Believe

Imagine losing one’s wife shortly after marrying her. Hopes and dreams and love forever after are all dashed on the rocks of cold reality. There were plenty of reasons to celebrate now there is plenty of reason to mourn.

You are a musician, your wife died and therefore you cannot sing or play your guitar.  A major reason for singing, rejoicing and even living has been swept away from you with little notice.  However, the voice of God is unmistakable. And thus was born, “I Still Believe.”

Rewinding to Jeremy's childhood, his mom and dad had a rough start as parents. As a result of a pregnancy, they lived together. Partying became a major part of their lives and Jeremy’s dad descended into alcohol abuse.

Though the journey was one of twists and turns, both of his parents received Christ and married afterwards. A marvelous transformation took place in their lives and they became very serious Christians.  This foundation was critical for Jeremy as he experienced his darkest hour.

The Camp family was poor. Though they didn’t have much, the Camp family thanked God for what they had rather than what they lacked. I Still Believe recounts the story of Jeremy’s mom and dad as they became spiritual examples to him.

Despite his parent’s faith, in his youth, Jeremy struggled with trying to be cool. Though not a rebel, he dabbled in things that could have led to destruction. In the midst of that, God used a church youth camp to convince Jeremy that his lukewarm attitude and actions had to go.

Read how Jeremy met Melissa and how she touched his heart. They almost didn’t happen and then God opened that door. After their wedding, God quickly, mysteriously, took her to be home with Him.

Jeremy was devastated. He was a young widower with a crisis of faith of mammoth proportions. God was supposed to heal her, wasn’t He?

I Still Believe chronicles that journey of love to profound sadness and anger to faith that couldn’t be shattered by cancer or anything else that enters our world. In its pages you will travel with Jeremy Camp from stunned musical silence to the gift of new music and a compelling story that obeys the Scripture to comfort those who need comfort with the comfort you have received from God. Discover how God allowed him to love again and to receive the gifts of an amazing wife and children.

I nearly finished this book in one day. If I wanted to, I could have completed the last 25 pages but decided that I wanted to get more out of the reading than just bragging rights. Since I don’t believe I have ever done that and the pages represent the usual book length, I think that gives a lot of credit to the incredible story that God wrote into Jeremy’s life and to the way it was expressed on the printed page.

Ironically, I haven't been a fan of Jeremy Camp’s music. I have heard his work and I thought it was good music with equally good content but nothing really got a hold of me to turn me into a fan. However, I did hear the basic headline that he lost his wife early on in their marriage. That struck me and stayed with me so that when I saw the opportunity to read this book and write this review, I jumped on it without a second thought. It helps that my college-age daughter is a fan and that I get to do this with her in mind. I eagerly awaited the book’s arrival and jumped right into reading it and, for the most part, didn’t stop.

The unsung hero of this story is Adie Camp.  I am absolutely amazed by this woman who was willing to take a back seat so that God can be glorified through the story of Jeremy and Melissa.  Check out http://www.adiecampmusic.com/ to get her music or learn more about her.

Jeremy Camp loves to minister to hurting people out of the well of his own pain that has been filtered through God’s amazing love and comfort. As his friend stated at Melissa’s funeral, “Let’s hasten the day!” The Bible challenges us all to give out the good news of Jesus that will lead to Christ’s return. Our obedience will hasten that day when we see our dear departed in Christ again and just as Jeremy Camp sang, there will be ”no more tears, no more pain and no more fears. There will be a day when the burdens of this place will be no more. We’ll see Jesus face to face (from Jeremy Camp’s There Will Be A Day).”

Tyndale House Publishers had provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.

Jeremy Camp's website

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