The Joy After the Pain in the Waiting -- This is for the Singles

"I prayed for a strong, godly man, and God delivered! I'm glad He doesn't do things in OUR timing. His is much better!"

This quote is from a long-time single who just celebrated one year together with her man.  Take heart, dear single Christian men and women and remember:

Abraham and Sarah had to wait a LONG time before Isaac came and he brought them much joy and laughter

Hannah waited a LONG time for a child to be born and in God's time, He brought to her a son and to Israel a great man of God

The children of Israel had to wait a LONG time in Egypt before they got to experience freedom but when they did, they saw the glory and power of God.

The Jewish exiles had to wait a LONG time before they got back to their homeland.  

In each of these cases, the wait made the fulfillment all the more enjoyable.  

I pray that you will use this time wisely and be the man or woman of God that someone else will be able to say the above concerning.

Perhaps these could be of help:  

Focus on the Family's website for singles

Family Life Today's Broadcasts for Singles

If you know of any additional resources, please recommend them in the comment section.  

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