Eating Disorder Resources That Are Inexpensive and from a Christian Who Knows

Jena Morrow is 32 years old and has battled eating disorders since her childhood. At the age of 18 she became anorexic and nearly died. Jena is a believer in Jesus Christ and volunteers her time to National Eating Disorder Awareness and has spoken to various groups including churches, youth groups and women’s groups on the topic.
There are two books that I would like to bring to your attention from Jena. The first is about her struggle with anorexia at the age of 18 and is entitled, Hollow: An Unpolished Tale, released in 2010 by Moody Publishers. Since then, Jena has penned a devotional to assist individuals with eating disorders and body image. It is called Hope for the Hollow: A Thirty-Day Inside-Out Makeover for Women Recovering from Eating Disorders.

In the introduction to the devotional, Jena wrote:

 “Eating disorders are sinister, tenacious diseases which thrive on secrecy, deception and shame. Their capacity for destruction is great but take heart . . . the healing love and power of the One True God is far greater. He is our hope and His Word is our light. It is my prayer that, as you work through this book, His words will eclipse my own.” 

The devotions are filled with stories of real-life women thus driving home the point made with the focus verse of each of the 30 days.
Jena Morrow's blog

Hollow is available on both the kindle and in paperback

Hope for the Hollow in paperback

Hope for the Hollow Devotional  is just $3.00 in e-book form

An article from The Christian Post:

Ex-Anorexic Christian Woman: The Battle Is in the Mind; God's Image Is Diverse

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