Update on Free E-books

Courageous by Randy Alcorn  
free on the Kindle for a limited time!

Mere Christianity is $1.99 on the Kindle

Hope for the Hollow WAS free for a limited time on the Kindle (240 pages) as reported here but is
still a great bargain at a $1.00 (as of 02/25/13)!


I just blogged on this book and its predecessor at Eating Disorder Resources that Are Inexpensive and from a Christian Who Knows

and also Warren Wiersbe's Bible study on Mark (you could have saved $8.99 on this 160 page book when it was free for a limited time)  but it is still a bargain at $2.51 (as of 02/25/13)!

Keep checking back for more limited time offers from Amazon for Kindle e-books.

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