Miscellaneous Items for Valentine's Day

The Four Seasons of Marriage by Gary Chapman in e-book form is free for a limited time from www.christianbook.com

Update on 02/18/2013:  this book is now $9.69.  So, if you took advantage of this offer when posted, you would have saved almost $10.00.  Keep on visiting for more great values as I find them and make them available to you.

(Summer, winter, spring, fall - which season of marriage are you in? Looking at relationships in terms of passages of the heart, Chapman guides couples through the joys, struggles, and changes that can come at any point during their lifelong journey. His fresh insights will help you and your spouse deepen your love and strengthen your communication.)

Though None Go With Me in DVD from Amazon -- awesome love story by Jerry Jenkins.  I found this at a Walmart also in a set of four different movies also or in book form from Walmart 
My review of the film

Family Life Today broadcasts and transcripts which include the following:  

Romance That Goes the Distance from Feb. 7, 2013

Ingredients to Make Romance Grow: Security and Acceptance from Feb. 5, 2013

Beware the Little Foxes: Obstacles to Romance from Feb. 4, 2013

25 Years and Still in Love  -- Focus on the Family Broadcast

Children's Valentine's Day Cards from Whit's End (Adventures in Odyssey)

For pastors, how to love your congregants/laypeople:
3 Things People Should Feel from Their Pastor

Also, for congregants/lay people:
Great post on caring for one's pastor.  As a pastor myself, I hear and see a lot of things in the lives of other pastors. We pray for and encourage one another.  This gives you some insight into what your minister may be experiencing and doing and how you can be a blessing to him and his wife.  

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