Abraham: Following God's Promise Bible Study by Logos -- a Review

The study is good and thorough. It takes a group/individual through the events of Abraham's life from before his call in Genesis 11 to the testing of Abraham in Genesis 21 and 22 in relationship to his two sons, Ishmael and Isaac (listed here in order of birth)I thought it was peculiar, however, that the writers include the passage 11:27-32 but fail to mention that Terah led this journey to Haran where he died and that was the place from which Abram received his call (Gen. 12).

Some features I would like to highlight:  

As with the rest of the Logos software, verses can either be seen by hovering your mouse over the blue verse text or clicked on in order to open it in a new window, from which the user can use other Logos tools on the verse and/or its context.  For Logos users, the verses will appear in your favorite version.
The graphics within the study are great. They can be clicked in order to be made more prominent and thus easily seen. Also, they can be saved, printed and moved to powerpoint.

There are study questions with actual spots to save your answers. These questions seek to apply the biblical material to your own life.

There is extrabiblical material that is quite interesting to read as to how others dealt with the biblical stories. There are also suggestions for further study.

The videos are rather simple yet relevant introductions to each chapter of the study. Background music sounds Middle Eastern and the title graphics that repeat the start of each segment are nicely done. Each one is a well-thought out one minute and thirty seconds, give or take some seconds.

I am impressed by what I have seen and would greatly recommend this resource.  You can find out more at Abraham:  Following God's Promise

I received this resource for free in exchange for an honest review by Logos. 

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