Selena Gomez Blames Her Mom for Parents' Divorce -- Don't Let This Happen to You, Get Your Marriage Help

Here, she is at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on March 7 in California. (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images) 

"I blame my mom a lot, because I wanted a family so bad," she said. "I wanted to have my dad and my mom together. So, it was really hard. I remember just being really angry with my mom. And I still feel really bad for that." -- Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez was 5 when her parents divorced. Check out her reaction and consider, "Do I want my child/children thinking of me in this way?" Please get help for your marriage and save it, especially if there are young ones to think of. Obviously, if there is abuse (not the case with Selena's family, as far as I know), you must get out of that house with your children until the abuser repents and demonstrates that the repentance is real before reconciliation.

Perhaps Family Life can help:

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