Beginnings: My Thoughts after Viewing Episode One of The Bible Miniseries

Update: The Bible miniseries had an incredible number of viewers -- 14.8 million -- for its season premiere on Sunday, making it the no. 1 cable television event of the year.
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First of all, I would like to say that there was an effort not to provide you with any spoilers in this review. The only thing you will find is a couple of places where the writers decided to ascribe motives for two of the characters. While not telling you what those seemingly plausible motives were, I do tell you who it involves. If that bothers you, don't read on. 

The Bible miniseries on The History Channel is a very good series. No expense seemed to be spared for the making of this program. The cinematography, the orchestration, the skills of the actors and the special effects are all superb. Where the series diverges from the biblical account is comparatively minor to other productions. There are scenarios created as to why Lot’s wife would look back at Sodom and also why Pharoaoh would release the Israelites just to pursue them shortly thereafter. Naturally, there is a lot of supplemental material to give background to what the Bible doesn't tell us (otherwise the Bible in telling us everything would be a 10,000 volume work instead of one that can be held under one's arm and read in a year or two at a casual pace).

I would recommend you watch it. There are still opportunities to see the first two hour episode. These include March 06, 2013 - 09:00-11:02PM, March 07, 2013 - 01:01-03:03AM and March 10, 2013 - 06:00-08:00PM according to: If you have a DVR, this is a wonderful way to watch it when you are able. If you know of someone who doesn't have access to The History Channel, consider inviting them over to see it.

It’s a great way to test your and your family’s Bible knowledge and perhaps even to get someone interested who is biblically illiterate. My daughter was bringing out some differences she noticed as we were watching it. The one caution is for young children since there is a lot of violence but the violence is not gratuitous. I am also told where there is the suggestion of sex or nudity, one has already been portrayed without offense in this episode, it is tastefully done with no nudity depicted.

After hearing various interviews and seeing the title for a companion book to the series, I am left wondering about unspoken motives by Burnett and Downey. Are they planning on a conclusion of universal salvation? Is the series a biblical defense of Israel’s right to the land or will it suddenly turn and claim that the Abrahamic covenant is now void and the promises are to be fulfilled symbolically to the Church through Jesus?

Whatever the case, I think that to watch with one’s Bibles and eyes wide open can give the viewer a wonderful cinematic experience of favorite Bible stories coming to life. I am hoping it leads people back to their Bibles with questions of whether that was how it really happened or a desire to read more about that particular story. For the person who hasn’t really picked up a Bible, I hope it leads them to do so, whether in print form, online or via smartphone, via CD’s or Mp3 version. May God use it whatever the motives of the producers, to bring people to Him. To God be the glory!

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