Firsthand Faith Versus Secondhand Religion: A Review of Firsthand

Brothers Ryan and Josh Shook confront the crisis of secondhand religion.  It is a "faith" that is passed down and ill-equipped to deal with life.  The answer, the brothers believe, is to do what they did by arriving at a firsthand faith.

Have doubts?  So did they.  Made some bad choices?  They did as well.  Have you become a critic of the church?  Become disenchanted?  Check and check again.  Josh and Ryan explain where they've been and how they came to revitalize and awaken their faith and how you can too.

A unique feature of this book is an accompanying website that has web pages with video supplements and the ability to interact with others over Firsthand.  There are also ways to link with the brothers on Facebook and Twitter.  

Free First Chapter

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