Cyber Monday: Christian Deals

VeggieTales: 40% off entire store with free shipping

$3.97 DVDs and CD’s as well

CLC Publications
Under biography, they have some great $1.75 deals on people such as William Wilberforce, William Carey, Billy Sunday, John Bunyan and Ira Sankey

Has 40% off Bibles and other Cyber Monday deals

Israel My Glory Magazine
Free one year trial subscription!

Hard-hitting, accurate, up-to-date analysis of Israel and the Middle East. Thought-provoking examination of God's Word. Answers about the end-times. The truth behind today's headlines. Immediate access to the latest books and resources. People who want to be informed—and have a heart for God's Chosen People—rely on Israel My Glory.

Two Free Amazon Kindle Books!

Marriage Matters 
by Winston Smith of Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation

John Blase (Author)
Bold re-telling of Luke 1-2 based on Eugene Peterson's The Message Bible

ESV for Free in e-book form (Mobi, ePub)
or as Kindle book -- also free

Holy Bible - ESV MacArthur Study Bible [Kindle Edition]
John MacArthur is $5.00  (it's $19.99 in other translations)

The story of George Sweeting as told by Jerry Jenkins for $2.99
CBC Select has other deals but they are ones you need to hunt through a few pages to access

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