Free Downloads for the Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church, Nearly 200 Eritrean Christians Arrested While Praying, and a Free Book on Spiritual Gifts

FREE International Day of Prayer Downloads
The official day is this Sunday, November 3, 2013 but you can adapt the date to your schedule.

With the controversy surrounding The Strange Fire Conference, this freebie comes at a great time:
Free Kindle Book for a Limited Time
19 Gifts of the Spirit
Now 2.99 (11/2)
Dr. Leslie R. Flynn, a prolific author of over 30 books, is the former pastor of Grace Conservative Baptist Church in Nanuet, New York, where he served more that 40 years.
For those with Logos, also add it via Vyrso, and I believe it becomes available for your Logos Bible program.
By the way, it is also free for other devices.  Check yours to be sure.

To hear The Strange Fire Conference for yourself, downloads are available for free here

185 Eritrean Christians Arrested While at Prayer
According to Voice of the Martyrs and Compass Direct:
About 2,000 Eritrean Christians are believed to be under arrest because of their religious beliefs, held in police stations, military camps and prisons in 12 known locations across Eritrea. Dr. Gebremeskel is one of the 28 clergymen being held. 

Jailed Protestants are routinely subjected to physical beatings and severe psychological pressure to deny their religious beliefs. Police and military authorities continue to demand the prisoners return to one of the three “official” Christian denominations recognized by the government. But even the legally recognized denominations--the nation’s historic Orthodox, Catholic and Lutheran churches--have come under government disfavor, incurring threats and even jailing by security police officials.


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