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I'm not sure if you heard the story about Floyd and Margaret.  Married for 68 years, they lived on a farm in the state of Washington and cared for several animals.    They were well-liked members of  Elk Community Church.  The story is told that when Floyd began to have trouble pushing the lawnmower, Margaret pushed it with him (see picture).

In time, Margaret developed Alzheimer's and Floyd was known to take great care of her.  Floyd was often heard declaring how pretty his Margaret was.  A friend recalled Floyd encouraging him to kiss and hug his wife daily just as Floyd was accustomed to doing.

Floyd and Margaret, who spent so much time together, loving one another, left this world together too.  They died Sunday afternoon, Oct. 13, when they pulled out of a grocery store parking lot and were hit by a pickup truck.  When help arrived, Margaret (88 years old) was found holding Floyd's (92 years old) hand. Their son believes that she reached for his hand when the accident happened and didn't let go.

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