Middle East Websightings: Abbas Angry about Israel but Not Arabs' Dealings with Palestinians, Israelis Doubt Obama on Iran, Israel Practicing Long-range Attacks and Refueling, Coming to Christ in Syria and Morocco

by Khaled Abu Toameh
October 2, 2013 at 5:00 am

For the Palestinian Authority leadership, the security fence in the West Bank, which has put an end to suicide bombings, is more problematic than the killing and displacement of thousands of Palestinians in Syria.

Not surprisingly, Abbas did not condemn any of the Arab countries for mistreating and humiliating Palestinians, especially in recent years.

So what if the Egyptian authorities are shooting and killing Palestinian refugees fleeing Syria? So what if the Lebanese authorities are imposing severe restrictions on the entry of Palestinian refugees? So what if Palestinians are being killed every day in Syria by the forces of Bashar al-Assad and the "rebels?"

Abbas does not seem to have time to talk about the suffering of his people at the hands of Arab governments and terror groups.

It's about time!
MEPs Condemn Violence Against Christians
October 10, 2013

The European Parliament has passed a resolution, condemning violence and persecution against Christians in Syria, Pakistan, and Iran.

A bit of good news:
“When you hear about one Muslim coming to Christ, it’s a great thing, and everybody rejoices. Today in Syria I’m not talking about one person. We’re talking about hundreds and even thousands of Muslims coming to know Christ.”
~Syrian Christian (through The Voice of the Martyrs’ facebook page)

Poll: Majority of Israelis believe US projecting weakness on Syria, Iran
2/3 of Jewish Israelis: Obama will fail to stop Iran's nuke program.

Israeli planes practice long-range missions
Israeli warplanes this week practised long-range missions including mid-air refuelling in what local media said was a signal to archfoe Iran.

The story of how a Moroccan came to Christ
My note: we should continue to pray for those who come to Christ in lands that aren't receptive to such conversions

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