Ministries Destroyed and Some Counsel to Avoid It, Martyr Stories and Perspective on Complaints, Middle East Stories and an Answer to the Strange Fire Conference

Lives Destroyed 
by Jason Helopoulos • October 24, 2013
Sin is our enemy. Don't entertain it, play with it, be gentle with it, ignore it, or feed it. Its desire is nothing more than our very destruction. Let us seek, by the power of Christ and the strength of the Spirit, to inflict blow after blow upon it rather than it upon us.

Elder of GFA-supported Believers Church Brutally Murdered While Praying
Next time you are tempted to complain, consider these words from a persecuted brother in Christ
"How can I complain about my suffering when my brothers and sisters are paying a high price for their faith all over the world? I recently heard about many people killed in front of a church in Pakistan. I also heard a young sister in Christ sharing about how she lost her family for the sake of the Gospel and still she is willing to return to share the good news."

"How can I complain about my suffering when our dear brother Haik gave his life and was killed with more than 20 knife-stabs to preach to sinners like me . . . ?"

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Peres: Israel more powerful than meets the eye

It Was Nice While It Lasted (In Light of #StrangeFire)
October 22, 2013 By Stephen McCaskell
My note:  I have Facebook status feeds from John MacArthur and Grace to You and I must say that I felt very uncomfortable with some of the quotes that came across my computer screen.  I must acknowledge I did not listen to the conference or read the book from which it was derived, however, my experience with charismatics leads me to believe that there are biblical charismatics and unbiblical charismatics.  While I am a cessationist (believing that the sign gifts are not in operation today but closed with the Apostolic Era and the completion of New Testament revelation), I do differentiate from charismatics who operate under the authority of the Word of God and those who do not.  Therefore, I was very grateful to see this post by McCaskell.  

“I don’t worry about that because I am on another list – God’s. I say to God: ‘You lead; you take over; I’m yours.’ That is the kind of God I walk with and fly with.” 
 -- Missionary Kenneth D. Enright, Zaire 1978, when told that he was on the rebels’ death list

Evangelical Leader Preaches Pullback From Politics, Culture Wars

Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Convention says it is time for evangelicals to tone down the rhetoric.

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