Web-sightings for the First Week of October 2013

Belgian killed by euthanasia after a botched sex change operation
A Belgian has been killed by medical euthanasia after pleading for death because a botched sex change operation to turn her into a man had resulted in "a monster".

‘Reformation Project’ Recruits Volunteers Nationwide to Influence Churches to Embrace Homosexuality
Disturbing story that shows the passion of the other side. May we be as passionate about God's Word and the Gospel. A plain reading of the Old and New Testaments reveals God's design for marriage and sexuality.  Matthew Vines and others can deny the obvious but their impact on others depends on the hearers' willingness to believe Scripture or believe Vines.

It's Not About the Nail
A funny little video about the differences between men and women

Great story of forgiveness and redemption

“Nsengimana” means “I pray to God” in Kinyarwanda, and Alex has certainly lived up to the name. In his 25 years, God has guided his steps along a remarkable journey that included miraculous escapes from death during the genocide. It also includes receiving a shoebox gift through Operation Christmas Child—a gift that helped bring him to a strong faith in Jesus and led to the desire to return to Rwanda to plant a church and minister to the people who killed his family.

To participate in Operation Christmas Child

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